Monday, 27 July 2015

There is limitation on directory support in DIXF

There is limitation on directory support in DIXF.

Suppose you have multiple entity under one processing group and you are executing in directory mode, system will through error and it won’t execute except first entity.

Repro Scenario:

Create processing Group:


Create mutiple entity under one processing group:

Go to "Get staging" and execute the staging process in batch:
you have to provide directory folder structure as requierd.
1. Source folder entity wise.
3. Process
3. Complete
4. Error

Note: "Execute target step" should be true

Batch processing should marked.

Go to "Batch job history" to know the status:

Go to "Execution history" to know the "Individual entity status":


I have injected only one line code with label to fix the issue.

Target Location: \Classes\DMFStagingWriter\execute

Line Number - 95

Line Number - 164,167

Line Number - 181

Line Number - 253


Solution architect in dynamics AX



Friday, 24 July 2015

DMF entities are not able to run on batch

Some DMF entities are not able to run on batch.

Like à DMFEcoResCategoryEntity

Issue:  DMFentityWriter à write method will execute silently without error info If target entity primary index having int64 field.


Solution: Need small fix to rectify the issue as below

There is no specific data type conversion from string to int64. So it will break when code will execute on CIL. I have added one case with int64 conversion only.



Thursday, 23 July 2015

DIXF enhancements in R3 CU9

Key Points:

Ø Data copy across instances

Ø N number entities can create

Ø Skip staging

Ø Quick import export

Ø New 120 entities

Ø Export setup data with across DIXF entity from one instance to another instance.

     Data copy across instances
  •      A new functionality called “copy data across instances” got introduced with newCU9 release.
  • Earlier, data import export had a limitation in performing related to multiple instances.
  • Now, it is possible across instances. To achieve this, same entity set is required in both the instances. Along with that, inbound port (DMFService) should be configured and activated to achieve this.
      Skip staging
  • Staging’s no longer a mandatory thing in this framework (unlike previous release) while exporting to file; instead, direct target to file export is possible.
  • This will improve the performance as a certain set of tables can be grouped and processed together.
Quick import export
  • Allows to import/export with few input values (as provided in the screenshot).
  • Avoids mapping of process group with entities, generation of source mappings, validations, generation of staging, and generation of target.
  • Allows to decide whether the execution log needs to be maintained or not (if the checkbox is clicked, the log gets saved, else, it gets cleared after execution).
Seamless data transfer across instances
  • Enables to transfer DMF related configuration data across instances which reduced multi-step process
  • Facilitates to transfer data between source and target and vice versa across instances through data compare and copy utility
Ease of use
  • Reduces customization of DMF entities by adding 120 new entities as an out of box feature
  • The limitation on number entities removed to enable users to create n number of entities.
Improvement in performance
  • Quick import/export utility avoids manual steps.
  • Skip staging option for export